Coke or Pepsi?

A while back, as part of a photography class, I took these pictures at a little restaurant close to where we live. I sure do love Coca Cola from a fountain. Neil prefers it from a can! Crazy, if you ask me.

I had an entirely different idea behind this post, but as I gathered up the images to upload them here, I realized I had saved two of the same: one in color and one in black & white. Here they are…

There was just no way I could decide which of these I liked better! Sometimes the choice is obvious. Right away, I know that a particular shot was just meant for black & white. Others, like this one, I am completely torn. Ultimately, neither is better. Black & white or color (I can’t say the same for sepia, but that’s just me). Black & white or color; Coke or Pepsi; Michael Kors or Coach (this is a little comparison I used recently at work to try to help a friend pick out which brand of SLR she wanted to go with); Nikon or Canon (I am a Canon user, in case any of you were wondering). It’s really a matter of preference, all of these things. But what about when you don’t prefer either?

Here’s a few more pictures from that day.

I love this shot of the wee man. He slid the Coke out toward me as I took the picture. First shot was bad, but I then carefully repositioned it to get that foreground out of focus look that you see here. Don’t be afraid of that! It adds so much depth to your pictures. Love it!

Aren’t I lucky to be around such cuties all the time?


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