Dee & Angel • Philadelphia Suburbs Wedding Photographer

Last week, I shared pictures of my very first wedding, Krista and Bill. Although I felt terribly underqualified at the time, I still very much enjoyed being part of their day as their wedding photographer. I must have done something right because Krista’s mother asked me to shoot her friend Dee’s wedding as her wedding gift to Dee (who wasn’t planning on having a photographer at all!). How could I say no to such a cool wedding gift? By now, I had learned a bit more about what it takes to be a wedding photographer, but boy did I still have a lot to learn. Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the day.

Wow! Dee is a beautiful woman and made an absolutely stunning bride! This shot of her putting on her lipstick is one of my all-time favorites.

And here’s Angel, the lucky guy who gets to spend the rest of his life with her! Not too bad looking either!

I thought that the receiving line Dee & Angel did was awesome. It was a small wedding, and they were sure to spend time speaking with each and every guest. I knew from just one night with them that they were good people, and I am certain that their life together will be amazing because they deserve it!

Looking back, shooting in RAW might have been the best way to go. There were so many images where my white balance was totally off. Fixing that in Lightroom would have been a snap with all that raw data! Another good option would have been to leave it on the Shade setting. This gives pictures a lovely warm feeling, which would have completely gone with the welcoming vibe of this wedding!

How cute were these bottles of wine? Love it!

This last picture that I’ll share with you was from one of the toasts that night. It was a wonderful speech. Congratulations, Dee & Angel, and thanks for letting me be there for your day. It was a gift to me, too!


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