Hoerst Family • Philadelphia Portrait Photographer

Remember this handsome fella? I mentioned him a few weeks ago, and it’s finally time for his and his family’s post. I work with his father and when I first got my new gear, I asked them if they would join me for a session at Rose Tree Park. They agreed!

His mother could be a model. Absolutely gorgeous!

I just love it when the fathers get into the session. Square (yup, that’s what we call him) had so many great ideas for this shoot. I think I should hire him as a consultant.

The colors in this next photo…those eyes, the perfect blanket, the fall foliage. Ah, love it! Oh how I miss the leaves. If I can’t have leaves, someone give me some snow!

And speaking of colors, Neil is always suggesting I go a little crazy with the ending. That’s really not my style but I think it works in this next one. What do you think?

Thank you, Hoerst family, for spending the afternoon with me! This is one of my favorite shoots and I hope to work with you all again as your little man grows up!



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