Masquerade Ball • Philadelphia Suburbs Event Photographer

In the spirit of the festive holiday season, I thought I would share with you some pictures from an event I did over the summer. Salsa in the Suburbs is an awesome dance studio located in Media, and their students, teachers, and guests participate in a Masquerade Ball. It was my first big event (that wasn’t a wedding), and I had a blast! I am not used to studio shooting at high ISO, but I had some great help from Neil setting up the lighting, and the dance group provided the backdrop. The gowns were gorgeous, the masks enchanting. I was thrilled to shoot this event. Everyone looked great, but here are a few highlights to share with you.

Love the pose!

This next couple was one of my favorites of the night, and I love their picture. They were so nice and good-looking! I don’t know if they are a couple couple or just dance partners, but either way, they look great side by side!

Another favorite couple (I know that’s probably not the most appropriate thing, but seriously, how cute are they?). Love the costumes!


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