Surprise 30th Birthday Party!

For months, several of my best friend’s closest friends and I have been planning her 30th birthday party. It was so much fun but so gosh darn hard! She definitely knew something was up but once we arrived at the party, she told me she could have never dreamed it would have been such a big event. 80 of her closest friends and family members (yes, 80 of her closest–this girl has a lot of love in her life) showed up to surprise Jenny as she turned 30. We chose a Mardi Gras theme because Jenny has always had a thing for New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and the like, and we arranged for the guests contribute to a plane ticket fund to ship Jenny off to Italy. I am so happy that we could pull it off. Here are some shots from the night.

The guest of honor arrives and her mother adorns her with a jester crown, boa, and scepter all in the Mardi Gras style.

One of the tough things about lugging around a monster of a camera like the 7D is getting other people to take pictures for you! It’s so rare these days that I show up in any shots. It’s even more difficult when I’m shooting with a 50mm prime lens and people try to zoom! However, this one turned out pretty cute. So happy with it!

We danced the night away to the music of my fiance’s band, which was so awesome of him and all of his band mates to do. In between sets, we blasted classic 80’s and favorite 90’s music of the birthday girl. So much fun!

The band! Please excuse the corners on these photos . . . Edited for Jenny; I didn’t want to go back and edit them for the blog. That’s bad, right? Ah…

Me and the birthday girl. Love her!

Guests left with favors, which I put together. Resin-filled bottle caps to remember the date and a spicy Cajun seasoning and recipe card. So cute! So hot!


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