Yasmin & Jeff • Engagement Session

I graduated from college with Yasmin, and it scares me to think that was already nearly 5 years ago! In the 4 years that we went to university together, I never was able to meet her fiance, Jeff, because he was deployed in the military at that time. I always admired Yasmin’s strength to work hard and earn a degree with the worry of her loved one being so far away resting on her shoulders. When she asked me to do her wedding (and engagement) photos last year, I was thrilled! It looks us months to finally get a date set, but we did it! At the Willows, which unfortunately were not as in bloom as we had hoped. However, I just love these pictures. They are such a fun and funny couple, always joking and laughing. I can’t wait for their wedding!

How beautiful is she? Oh my goodness…

I wished that I had my new 100mm macro lens for this shoot, but it hadn’t arrived yet. My 50mm managed to pull it off with a bit of cropping.

So the next few shots include a couple that are not my typical editing style, but I thought the vintagey coloring seemed to work. What do you think?

Jeff is a great guy, so I’m sure he won’t mind that I am ending this post with this shot. It cracks me up and I just love how it shows the connection these two amazing people have.



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