Gloria & Stanley • Malvern Wedding Photographer

When Stanley contacted Neil to ask him if I would be available to shoot their wedding, I was so honored. I was even more honored when they trusted me to do it when I found the reason for the rush; Gloria’s mother has been ill and they wanted to be sure that the wedding would be at a time when she could truly enjoy it. I can barely sort through the thousand images from the day without crying every time I come across one that has her in it. It was a beautiful experience and I am so excited to share these pictures. Deanna Francis was along with me for the day, and a few of the shots below are hers. Enjoy!

One of my favorites from the day . . .

Gloria’s veil has been in the family for years. Love it.

Off to the church to get married!


Gloria’s parents are so amazing together.

Gloria said she looked at a lot of pictures in bridal magazines. She totally rocked their session in between the ceremony and the reception!

Special request from the bride: a jumping picture! Fun!


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