About Alice

Hi folks!
Welcome to my blog! Professionally and self-trained, I take a relaxed and thoughtful approach to photography. Although there is always a place for posed shots, my goal is to capture your cherished, candid moments and give them back to you in a way that warms your heart. I will work closely with you to ensure that you have beautiful and unique photographs for any occasion. I am still learning (and I hope to never stop learning), so this blog is designed to let you into my journey. I hope you like what you find along the way. Located in the Philadelphia suburbs, I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,


5 thoughts on “About Alice

  1. Hi,
    Glad you have this website and are enjoying learning more about photography. Everyone loves pictures and everyone loves to see themselves in pictures! Don’t forget that.

  2. Hi Alice, just went through your photos and it was a great experience. You’v got a great eye for the most beautiful photos iv seen in a long time, so natural and somtimes so funny. Keep this great work up and give us more magical snaps in the future.
    Tom Hunter

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