Friday Five • Save the Dates!

It seems like no time has gone by since I shot Lisa & Al’s engagement session. I was so excited to receive their Save the Dates in the mail last week! Check these out.

They also used some of the images from our shoot on their wedding website. Having engagement photos really comes in handy when designing different aspects of your wedding. They could even be used in thank you cards after your big day is behind you.


Yasmin & Jeff • Engagement Session

I graduated from college with Yasmin, and it scares me to think that was already nearly 5 years ago! In the 4 years that we went to university together, I never was able to meet her fiance, Jeff, because he was deployed in the military at that time. I always admired Yasmin’s strength to work hard and earn a degree with the worry of her loved one being so far away resting on her shoulders. When she asked me to do her wedding (and engagement) photos last year, I was thrilled! It looks us months to finally get a date set, but we did it! At the Willows, which unfortunately were not as in bloom as we had hoped. However, I just love these pictures. They are such a fun and funny couple, always joking and laughing. I can’t wait for their wedding!

How beautiful is she? Oh my goodness…

I wished that I had my new 100mm macro lens for this shoot, but it hadn’t arrived yet. My 50mm managed to pull it off with a bit of cropping.

So the next few shots include a couple that are not my typical editing style, but I thought the vintagey coloring seemed to work. What do you think?

Jeff is a great guy, so I’m sure he won’t mind that I am ending this post with this shot. It cracks me up and I just love how it shows the connection these two amazing people have.


Easy Like Sunday Morning • Engagement Photography

I have been absolutely terrible at updating this blog since the new year. I have plenty of sessions under my belt that I’d love to share with you, but due to a, how shall we say, technical error, I have lost all of my most recently retouched photos. Big lesson learned: back up everything. I have all of the originals, but most of my photos, although acceptable straight out of camera, usually get a little Adobe Lightroom lovin’ or a bit of a crop. I’d love to shoot and share 100% SOOC, but sometimes after the shot is taken and I’m home here at my desk, I see things in a slightly different light and want to make a change.

But anyway…Here is one recent session I did. Chrissy and Kevin got engaged last fall but still haven’t had engagement photos taken. We kept trying to set up a date for a session but things just weren’t falling into place. However, we finally scheduled one for a couple of weekends ago. Of course we had to pick one of the coldest days yet this winter, but we pushed through and got some lovely shots. What a good looking couple, don’t you think?

How happy was I that they still had their Christmas tree up? And that Chrissy’s nails were perfectly manicured to coordinate these shots?

Chrissy is an amazing woman. Smart, beautiful, and very generous. She does a lot of great work with some really special children. Always have admired her!

Their backyard ended up being the perfect location for some photos!

Misplaced sunflare, but there’s something about this one that I love despite its imperfections.

Next year’s Christmas card?

Laura & Bill • Philadelphia Area Engagement Photographer

Laura and I hung around the same crowd in high school, so when she connected with me on Facebook for a photo session, I was super excited! I’d kept up with her and her family over the years via mutual friends and the Internet, but it had been a while since we’d seen each other in person. She suggested the Newlin Grist Mill for the session and despite all the mud, it was the perfect location. Laura, Bill, and these two beautiful little girls made for an awesome engagement/family portrait session!

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Lisa & Al • Philadelphia Suburbs Engagement Photographer

I have known Lisa forever. I mean, forever forever. We are more like sisters in some ways, particularly because we have that special closeness sisters share but don’t see each other quite as often as we would like. When she told me she and her awesome boyfriend Al had gotten engaged, I nearly hit the floor. I was thrilled to do engagement photos for her. We picked Valley Forge Park as the location–special to Lisa in many ways. She grew up close by and absolutely loves to run the trails for a great workout.

I am not the biggest fan of super processed photos. I know there is value in Lightroom or Photoshop tweaks, of course, but sometimes it can be overdone. However, there was something about these shots–the leather jackets, the gorgeous blonde hair–that was just crying out for a little vintage, edgy feel:

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