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Happy Easter!

I hope you are all enjoying this weekend and spending time with family and loved ones. I am visiting my beloved Grandma in Central PA with my fiance and mom. Here are a few pictures from recent lunch break adventures to hold you over while I’m away! Happy Easter!

I was recently offered the 70-300mm USM IS lens for a really, really, really great price. So great that I couldn’t pass it up. It has surpassed my expectations, as I have read some mixed reviews on it. Here are a few taken with it…

I would be remiss not to mention my shooting partner, Deanna, who ventures out with me one or two days a week at lunch to places such as Chanticleer or Appleford. She takes some absolutely amazing photos and we are constantly bouncing ideas and questions off of each other. I love this picture I took of her and the one below it of her and our friend, Elisa, who has been getting into photography, too!

Friday Five Snow Edition

I’m back! After a whirlwind Christmas here, Neil and I with Jaden by our side headed over to Ireland to celebrate the remainder of the holidays with his family. It was a wonderful time. Those pictures along with more details of the trip will be up shortly. But for now…the Friday Five! Yesterday’s predicted snow storm didn’t come close to what the weatherman had called for but lucky me was able to work from home for my real job as a magazine editor. Gotta love being able to take the dog out for a nice mid-day walk and snap a few of the fresh snow…and be home in time to catch an amazing sunset over the rooftops of Media!