Gloria & Stanley • Malvern Wedding Photographer

When Stanley contacted Neil to ask him if I would be available to shoot their wedding, I was so honored. I was even more honored when they trusted me to do it when I found the reason for the rush; Gloria’s mother has been ill and they wanted to be sure that the wedding would be at a time when she could truly enjoy it. I can barely sort through the thousand images from the day without crying every time I come across one that has her in it. It was a beautiful experience and I am so excited to share these pictures. Deanna Francis was along with me for the day, and a few of the shots below are hers. Enjoy!

One of my favorites from the day . . .

Gloria’s veil has been in the family for years. Love it.

Off to the church to get married!


Gloria’s parents are so amazing together.

Gloria said she looked at a lot of pictures in bridal magazines. She totally rocked their session in between the ceremony and the reception!

Special request from the bride: a jumping picture! Fun!


Corinne + Patrick • Pottstown Wedding Photographer

So technically this wasn’t the wedding…these two awesome folks were married a week ago but I was busy the day of their wedding! Would have loved to have been there, but because I couldn’t, they got all dressed up again today for a session. I am just in love with these pictures and I hope you all like them too! I love how original Corinne and Patrick are–the dress, the shoes, the star necklace. Congratulations!

Their schnauzer George was the real star of the day. He was so great and hung out with us all morning! Good boy!

I have known Corinne for a long time. We share a love of music and apparently how to dress for a wedding. She is so adorable. I loved that she wore something different.

Told you these shoes were super cute. Love the bow and the heel was perfect–just about 2 inches if that!

Friday Five • Save the Dates!

It seems like no time has gone by since I shot Lisa & Al’s engagement session. I was so excited to receive their Save the Dates in the mail last week! Check these out.

They also used some of the images from our shoot on their wedding website. Having engagement photos really comes in handy when designing different aspects of your wedding. They could even be used in thank you cards after your big day is behind you.

Kim & Brian • Central Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Over the summer, I photographed my cousin Kim’s wedding. That was a real eye-opener into the world of wedding photography because ohmygoodnessgracious was it hot and humid that day! And silly me dressed as a guest instead of a photographer–because really, I was both, although in hindsight I regret wearing heels and a silky slinky purple dress.

It was a beautiful wedding, and it gave me a lot of inspiration for my own! Let’s get to the good stuff, like champagne:

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Dee & Angel • Philadelphia Suburbs Wedding Photographer

Last week, I shared pictures of my very first wedding, Krista and Bill. Although I felt terribly underqualified at the time, I still very much enjoyed being part of their day as their wedding photographer. I must have done something right because Krista’s mother asked me to shoot her friend Dee’s wedding as her wedding gift to Dee (who wasn’t planning on having a photographer at all!). How could I say no to such a cool wedding gift? By now, I had learned a bit more about what it takes to be a wedding photographer, but boy did I still have a lot to learn. Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the day.

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Krista & Bill • Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Krista since high school and her husband Bill since early in their beautiful relationship. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was beyond honored…and completely horrified! At that time, I didn’t even own a proper camera! I tried to say no. She had seen my snapshots on Facebook, from our nights out in Media to family photos, and said she wouldn’t have it any other way. Believe me, she is not one to take no for an answer!

So let’s get started, no matter how embarrassing this is for me! This is a good way to learn, right?

Krista’s aunt was responsible for all of the flowers. In fact, Krista found all sorts of ways to keep her wedding on a reasonable budget. But it definitely was not at the cost of things looking good. Aren’t these flowers wonderful? I had no idea how difficult it can be to keep reds and whites from blowing out. Having the SLR I have now with better control of my exposure would have made so much difference.

Krista has a lot of brothers (I tend to forget how many!) and they all had super slick looking aviators. Leave it to brothers to be bodyguards to their sister, even if she is the older one! I love the way his skin tones pick up the bare winter trees in the background. Looking good, Matt…or is it Chris? Oh shoot.

Back inside, I snapped this of Krista getting ready. I wish I knew what I was doing back then. What I would do now with such awesome light flooding in that window…

Krista with their son before heading off to the church. I adore this picture despite its technical imperfections. Expect a post of this adorable little boy in the weeks ahead!

Kelly, Krista’s best friend (and a good friend of mine, too) was the maid of honor. She also did everyone’s hair and makeup and what an amazing job! So beautiful, Kelly!

A little champagne right after the ceremony. Don’t you just love the look on Bill’s face? If only I had positioned them out of the shadows…

One final picture that I had to share. Krista, Bill, Kelly, a relative, and the wedding band, Fitch! They were awesome and kept everyone (Krista especially) on the dance floor all night long. Oh, and did I mention I’m engaged to the lead singer in the middle?

Krista and Bill, thank you so much for letting me shoot your special day! I still can’t believe how much I’ve learned since my first wedding with you. I wish I had the skills I have now back then. Fortunately, I got to utilize them this past Sunday for a welcome home session with Krista and Bill’s second child, a beautiful baby girl.

Congratulations, guys! Lots of love!