The Reilly Family • Swarthmore Portrait Photographer

What a fun shoot! I had worked with the Reilly family before, so when they asked me to join them again at Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College, I was thrilled! This time, it would be with some of their in-laws, too. I love big shoots like this. They are challenging, at times a bit crazy, and usually full of surprises…but the outcomes are always fantastic!

These children are all absolutely beautiful and sweet. Although it might take some coaxing to get some of them to look at the camera long enough for me to take a picture, they are such a joy to work with. The oldest girl was a pro. Take a look at this next pose–all her!

Frannie was the one who organized the shoot. She is absolutely beautiful and I can tell from the few times I’ve met her that she is an amazing mother. So full of patience and so warm, this next picture encompasses what she is all about. I just love it!

Love this next one of the in laws. What a lovely family! The flowering tree worked great with their outfits. It just screams summertime!

There is this awesome Adirondack chair on the campus that was designed by a former student. What a cool spot for a family portrait! I love that we were able to take the typical family portrait and transform it into something different just by using this chair!


Two-Year-Old Twins Family Portrait Session

Last Sunday morning I got to spend some time with the Adamcyzk family. What a great bunch! Their twin boys had just turned 2 years old, and they wanted a session to commemorate the event. These two adorable boys do not stop moving! By the time the session was over, I had practically broken a sweat chasing them all over the yard and house. But it was all good; I had an awesome time.

Absolutely stunning mother…

How cool are these Radio Flyer tricycles? Awesome idea to bring them out from the garage and take some pictures of the boys playing around.

Those blue eyes just do me in.

Love the red sweater with the red bike! And those sweet little red lips! What a cutie.

One of my favorite photos ever. Just love how this one turned out.

Thank you, Adamcyzk family, for letting me spend the morning with you! You have a beautiful family and a lovely home. Great time!

Merci Beaucoup • Client Feedback


Stephen and I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous pictures. You captured moments that we will now always be able to share. It will be remembered as a truly special day! Thank you so much! You absolutely have a talent.

I love hearing from families after our sessions. It’s such a good feeling to know I made them happy. Love the card, too.

Coke or Pepsi?

A while back, as part of a photography class, I took these pictures at a little restaurant close to where we live. I sure do love Coca Cola from a fountain. Neil prefers it from a can! Crazy, if you ask me.

I had an entirely different idea behind this post, but as I gathered up the images to upload them here, I realized I had saved two of the same: one in color and one in black & white. Here they are…

There was just no way I could decide which of these I liked better! Sometimes the choice is obvious. Right away, I know that a particular shot was just meant for black & white. Others, like this one, I am completely torn. Ultimately, neither is better. Black & white or color (I can’t say the same for sepia, but that’s just me). Black & white or color; Coke or Pepsi; Michael Kors or Coach (this is a little comparison I used recently at work to try to help a friend pick out which brand of SLR she wanted to go with); Nikon or Canon (I am a Canon user, in case any of you were wondering). It’s really a matter of preference, all of these things. But what about when you don’t prefer either?

Here’s a few more pictures from that day.

I love this shot of the wee man. He slid the Coke out toward me as I took the picture. First shot was bad, but I then carefully repositioned it to get that foreground out of focus look that you see here. Don’t be afraid of that! It adds so much depth to your pictures. Love it!

Aren’t I lucky to be around such cuties all the time?